What is Android Go??

Google recently launched its Android oreo GO operating system aimed for low end mobile devices. This android version will be less resource demanding. Since most of the low end devices don’t last longer than a year or so due to heavy updates and intensive resource consumption overloads the processor Android go promises faster performance lower ROM and RAM consumption in day to day activities.

The version can also run on as low as 512MB of RAM. Google last year launched a couple of go based apps like files go, google assistant go, gmail go which are just striped down versions of full sized app with fast loading times.

Who is it for?

Android go version is aimed at developing countries where google wants to spread its technology by providing smart devices to everyone at cost friendly deal. Android go also focuses primarily on saving mobile data as much as possible even the chrome comes equipped with build in data saver.

Devices with Android go

A number of companies including ZTE, General Mobile, Micromax and Lava showed up at MWC 2018 with their devices running android go. Theses phones will be cheap around 80$ to 100$


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