Samsung Launches First 3D Cinema Screen

Last year, Samsung unveiled its Cinema LED Screen, a 34-foot screen that can be used in theaters in place of traditional projector systems. This year Samsung has formally launched a 3D version of the Cinema LED Screen. According to Samsung, wearing 3D glasses over existing 3D cinema screens result in brightness dropping to one-third level compared to... Continue Reading →

Intel’s new Smart Glasses “VAUNT”

Intel has released it's prototype of vaunt smart glasses. They act as a small heads up display for your eyes.The glasses work with a tiny holographic projector which bounces off light from glass to the back of retina. So, the user would see the text from an infinite distance rather than focusing on it. For... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumor Round-Up

Samsung is gonna reveal its flagship series the Galaxy S9 and S9+ on 25th Feb, Samsung has sent out invites with a big 9 in the center with the line camera reinvented. Which tells that there are gonna be some major camera upgrades. This is all we know about the S9 so far. Display The... Continue Reading →

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